Turks and Caicos scuba diving and snorkeling charters at Amanyara.
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Ocean Dreams, Provo's Only Dive & Fishing Lodge

Break Away from the Crowds & Experience the Extraordinary

Dive Boat Imagine......... waking up in the morning or afternoon, walking out from your room, onto the deck, a beautiful dive boat with smiling faces and dive gear in your size all assembled and waiting to whisk you off to one of the most spectacular dive sites in the Atlantic. This is Ocean Dreams. The Ocean Dreams Dive and Fishing lodge consists of 12 mini studio units with on site Dive Shop, Bar and Restaurant, Gear Storage, Huge training/swimming Pool with full wrap around deck.

At Ocean Dream the dive operation providing service is Ocean Vibes Scuba & Watersports Ltd, Provo's only Native Owned and Operated PADI Dive Center. Situated on the Southern shore of Providenciales and 45 minutes away from the pristine reefs of North West Point Marine National Park,French Cay, West Caicos and Sandbore Channel is the place to go to fully experience the beauty and serenity of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Fresh fruit and an assortment of beverages are served on all trips. Due to the fact that the dive sites are a distance away by boat, divers have the option of doing a two tank dive or a three tank dive. Morning dives depart from the resort at 8:30 am returning around 1 pm or 8am for a three tank dive returning around 4pm. You have the option of doing one of these regular dive trips or you can choose a private charter to depart whenever you like and dive the destination of your choice.

Because of our reputation for local knowledge and personalized service, Ocean Vibes has been selected to serve as your ambassador to the dramatic walls and reefs surrounding Caicos Islands.

Whether it's scuba diving, snorkeling, cave adventures, bird watching, a combination trip, or just plain relaxing, we can customize a private adventure to make everyone happy. Full day, half day, or every day of your vacation. Ease your mind, relax your body, and let your spirit run free. Your wish is our command....

View Video Clips of North West Point Dive Sites
View VideoHole in the Wall View VideoThe Crack
View VideoThunderdome View VideoShark Hotel

Price List For Scuba Activities

Diving Services

7 night 6 days of diving
Breakfast and Lunch included: $1800pp + 12% Govt Tax.
2 single tank dives per trip.
(NW Point, West Caicos, North West Point,French Cay,Sandbore Channel sites only).

2 Tank Dives @ South Caicos
8am departure $230/pp + 12% Govt Tax.
Nitrox Recommended and not included.

3 Tank Dive @ French Cay, West Sand Spit, West Caicos, North West Point Sand Bore Channel, Molasses Reef.
8am departure from the lodge $230pp + 12% Govt Tax.
Nitrox Recommended and not included.

2 Tank Dive Charter @ French cay, Molasses Reef, South West Reef.
Departing at 8:30am from the lodge $1500.
12 Divers maximum.
***(Other Destinations Available By Request & Quoted Individually.)

Dive Training

Scuba Review
Pool Only Dives Charged as Listed Above.
*Mandatory for Divers Not Diving Within Last 12 Month Period

PADI Discover Scuba/Resort Course
Pool Only $150.
Pool and 2 tank dive $280

PADI Scuba Diver or Upgrade to Open Water

PADI Open Water/Universal Referral Completion
Includes 4 Open Water Dives $500.

eLearning Referral Completion (click here to learn more)
Includes Evaluation, Pool & 4 Open Water Dives $650.

PADI Open Water Certification
Includes Academics, Pool & 4 Open Water Dives $700.

PADI Adventurer Diver
Includes 3 Dives With An Instructor $450.

PADI Advanced Open Water
Includes 5 Dives With An Instructor $500.

PADI Rescue Diver
By Prior Appointment $900.

Private Guide 1 Tank or 2 Tank
$100 and $175 Respectively.

Enriched Air Nitrox
$15 Per Tank, Direct Cost From vendor.

Underwater Camera Rental
$85 Includes Batteries And one micro sd card.


Charter Options

40-foot Power Catamaran

Power Cat Uninhabited Cays Snorkel Charter.
Half day: $1300. Full day: $2400.
Rates based on groups of up to 10 pax.
(30 pax maximum).

West Caicos Snorkel Charter.
Full day: $ 2600.
for up to 10 pax add $100 for each additional passenger.

2 Tank Dive Charter to Grace Bay, Pine Cay.

3 Tank Dive Charter to Grace Bay, Pine Cay, West Caicos, and South West Reef.

Riding aboard the 45-foot Dive Boat Island Beauty will add an extra dimension to your private charter. Island Beauty is an ideal combination of speed and comfort. Propelled by twin 250-hp four stroke motors, our powerboat comfortably cruises at speeds of up to 30 mph and enables us to access remote locations that are out of reach for other dive operators.

*Rates based on groups of up to 10 divers. Maximum of 12 divers. Extra charge applies for additional divers.

Contact The Lodge to reserve your charter.

Island Beauty 45' Dive Boat

Dive Boat Snorkel Charter- Uninhabited Cays.
Half day: $1500. Full day: $2400.
Rates based on groups of up to 10 pax, add $100 for each additional passenger, Max 30 pax.
Bevreages are complimentary on all trips.

Full Day Catamaran Beach Lobster Barbecue Charter.
Full day: $ 2400.
16 pax maximum.

Our snorkel charters embark from The Turtle Cove Marina head East along the North Coast,sail up the amazing coast line toward the East, with stops at Iguana Island, Half Moon Bay, and an awesome snorkel spot on the barrier reef. The half-day charter goes as far as Big Water Cay. The full-day charter includes a Barbecue Lunch on the Beach, Lobster (in season) Peas and Rice, Chicken, Ribs, Burgers and salad lunch, accompanied by a variety of beverages, and goes as far as Parrot Cay/North Caicos/Middle Caicos.

2 Tank Dive Charter to French Cay, Pine Cay, West Caicos, Sand Born Channel, and South West Reef.

3 Tank Dive Charter to French Cay, Pine Cay, West Caicos, and South West Reef.

*Rates based on groups of up to 12 divers. Extra charge applies for additional divers.

Contact Ocean Vibes to reserve your charter.

24' Hurricane Snorkel Boat

Snorkel Boat West Side Exploration Snorkel Charter aboard G-Kat 35' Power Catamaran.
Half day: $1300. Full day: $1800.
Rates based on groups of up to 10 pax.

Ideally we offer a snorkel trip from the lodge where the guests are picked up on the dock and then we head south west stopping at the five cays to visit the rock iguanas then West across the banks and the South Coast, past the Multi Million dollar homes, towards South West Bluff, snorkeling the barrier reefs along the west side of the island, making a beach stop on a truly secluded beach where you can relax, look for shells, swim in the shallows or go for a nice peaceful walk. On this tour we go to the mini pirates cave at South West Bluff, where snorkelers are allowed to climb up into the little cave, through its roof opening, and onto the top of the cliffs where shipwrecked sailors came ashore in the early 1800s. Atop these cliffs one can view their stone carvings, with the names of the sailors, their ships and the fate of the ships. The South West Bluff cove is home to bonefish and is also a bit of a nursery for juvenile sea creatures like octopus, crabs, lobsters and baby barracudas.

The charter is a four-hour trip, with one snorkel stop, Outer Cays stop, Pirates Cave stop and and Bonefish Point stop. However, it is your own private excursion and you can choose to structure the trip any which way you wish.

Uninhabited Cays Snorkel Charter.
On days when weather is a factor, guests would have to be transported to the Turtle Cove area and we launch the charter from there. Departing from and returning to Turtle Cove calls for a different itinerary, entailing a cruise along the North Coast of the island of Provo and the chain of uninhabited cays. First stop is the Iguana island, then the barrier reef for snorkeling, and then off to Fort George cay for beach combing and shelling. This trip can also be extended to include conch hunting. Before stepping onto the beach, we go to an area away from the reef and allow the snorkelers to dive for conch. During the beach stop, your Captain removes the fresh conch from the shell, cleans it, and makes a delicious native style conch salad that all are invited to indulge in. The recipe is top secret and all must be sworn to secrecy.

Lunch is optional on all trips and can be pre-arranged with the lodge the night before.

Contact the Lodge directly to reserve your charter.

Dive Sites in the North West Point Area

Hole In The Wall

Location: Far South side of the wall, yielding a slightly barren look with low lying rubble accentuated by raised coral heads and pillar coral stands.

Minimum depth: 40'.

Edge of the wall depth: 45-50', slopes to 180' then drops to 2000'.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced.

Highlight: A swim thru which starts around 45', goes down vertically to about 90 and then right angles and slopes out on the wall around 100'. The top of the wall itself is not very exciting as it is in an area close to the cut in the reef and is susceptible to algae blooms and the inshore creeks and mangroves dumping silt into the ocean.

Fish Life/Sightings: There is a large school of school master snappers near the hole itself at the top of the wall around 40' and the scattered coral heads are populated with rare fish like reef butterfly fish, viper moray eels, giant green moray eels, chestnut moray eels, and spotted eels. Sharks and Eagle Rays have been seen here as well.

Dive Shop overall rating: 5.

Coral Stairway

Location: A couple hundred feet North of Hole In The Wall.

Minimum depth: 30'.

Edge of the wall depth: 40-50'.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced.

Highlight: The wall is mainly made up of plate, star coral and slopes like stairs all the way down to 150' then drops off again to 2000'. There are some very beautiful coral formations on the wall itself with areas where ledges come together to form vertical tunnels in the coral. This dive site is pretty scenic, as there is very little sand it is a site that can be done almost any day and it still yields fair to excellent visibility. On top of the wall there are some pretty large coral heads and towards the mooring line the bottom contours up and down to form mounds that are teeming with life and serve as a nursery for the smaller creatures like crabs, butterfly fish, jacks and barracuda. It is very common to see at least 10 to 20 baby barracuda hanging out around the mooring line.

Fish Life/Sightings: Large Channel clinging crabs, intermediate Spotted Drums, Moray eels, Nurse Sharks and Sting Rays inhabit the shallows whilst this site is a popular area for pelagic sightings like Reef sharks, Eagle Rays and general reef life.

Dive Shop overall rating: 6.

Eagles Nest

Location: North of Coral Stairway and almost lines up with the dive shop.

Minimum depth: 40'.

Edge of the wall depth: 40-50'.

Skill Level: Beginner thru Advanced.

Highlight: Beautiful Sheer wall with lots of life and some sand channels leading from the wall up into the shallows where the bottom contours to form hills and valleys. Tall Pillar Corals and big coral heads provide shelter for reef creatures during the day and you can see nocturnal animals curiously peering from their shelters as we cruise the reefs in search of Mr. Big.

Fish Life/Sightings: Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Turtles, Spotted Drums, Large Queen and Gray Angelfish, Groupers and Snappers.

Dive Shop overall rating: 6.

Eel Garden

Location: Just slightly North of the dive shop on the wall, home of the disappearing grass bed.

Minimum depth: 30'.

Edge of the wall depth: 40-50'.

Skill Level: Beginner thru Advanced.

Highlight: Sheer vertical wall to the South, huge population of Garden Eels in a large sandy area on top of the wall and a tiny cavern on the wall at 60' which is home to a school of baitfish, some Caribbean Spiny Lobsters and a giant green Moray Eel..

Fish Life/Sightings: The garden eels in the sand create sort of an optical illusion as when you look down at the bottom it looks like a grass bed and once you land on the bottom the grass disappears (Garden Eels) Awesome site for beginners as the sandy area slopes upwards towards the shoreline and gets shallower so you can find depths of 30-50 feet on top of the wall. This is a healthy reef and it is teeming with life. Stingrays, Goat fish, Mutton Snapper and Peacock flounder in the shallows and on the wall large Groupers, Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks and Eagle Rays. Tiger Sharks and Hammerheads have visited our dive shop crew up close and personal on this particular site.

Dive Shop overall rating: 7.

The Crack

Location: Just North of Eel Garden.

Minimum depth: 40'.

Edge of the wall depth: 45-60'.

Skill Level: Beginner thru Advanced.

Highlight: Swim Thru/Vertical crack in the wall. The Crack starts around 45' and slopes to 100' we normally recommend exiting around 90' and then heading either left or right on the wall as it is awesome in both directions. To the right the wall has a huge coral buttress, which sticks out and drops from 100' straight down to 2000'. Going left there are a couple more vertical cracks where you can actually see light rays dancing on top of the wall through the crevices, which goes from 40' to 150', (look inside for large Nassau Groupers) unfortunately they are too narrow to swim through. The wall has some beautiful barrel and vase sponges as well as some sea rods, whips and large stands of Black Coral. Get up close and it looks like one giant sheet of multi colored velvet.

Fish Life/Sightings: Turtles, Sharks, Moray Eels, Octopus, Eagle Rays, schooling Mahogany, Yellow tail and School Master Snappers, Goat Fish and large Puffer Fish.

Dive Shop overall rating: 7.5.


Location: In the shallows about midway between the Crack and the Chimney.

Minimum depth: 30'.

Edge of the wall depth: 40-50'.

Skill Level: Beginner thru Advanced.

Highlight: A large Metal Dome directly attached to the mooring line, was part of a French Game Show shot on location at North West Point in 1992-1993. The game show, all done in French was a pilot for the first ever reality television show named “Escape from Pago Pago Island” The dome was broken into two sections a few years ago but the hurricanes passing close to TCI and one half was left standing, fully intact, however the hurricane season last year yielded some pretty powerful storms which came close enough to impact the dive sites and the dome finally collapsed and is basically just a pile of twisted metal now. Divers who had seen the movie Mad Max, named the dome. The dome sits in 30' of water and is a pretty long swim to the wall if tied on to it.

Fish Life/Sightings: Here Barracuda school at the mooring line in all sizes, a few queen, Gray and French Angel Fish hang around the dome and swim in and out of the twisted metal segments, Goat Fish burrow in the sand looking for food and Reef Octopus are sometimes sighted here as well as some pretty big Nurse Sharks.

Dive Shop overall rating: 7.


Location: Between the Thunder dome and the Amphitheater.

Minimum depth: 40'.

Edge of the wall depth: 40-50'.

Skill Level: Beginner thru Advanced.

Highlight: A Swim thru/Vertical Crack in the Wall starting around 45 with exit points at 90 and 100'. Visibility at the bottom of all of the swim thrus here are usually excellent so divers need to watch their depth gauges when exiting these swim thrus or they tend to go deeper than planned. The inside of the swim thru is pretty colorful with lots of coral growth as well as some sea whips and tube sponges, be sure to take your light to enhance the experience inside the swim thru. The wall going left undercuts in some places creating an overhang type effect and is just absolutely beautiful. To the right after exiting the swim thru the wall drops off to a second wall, which is 90-100' and then drops off straight into the deep blue.

Fish Life/Sightings: A resident Reef Shark, Groupers, large Turtles, Sting Rays and Nurse Sharks in the shallows as well as lots of schooling reef fish near the chimney entrance.

Dive Shop overall rating: 7.8.


Location: Just north of Chimney.

Minimum depth: 35'.

Edge of the wall depth: 40-50'.

Shill Level: Beginner thru Advanced.

Highlight: There is a Cavern or bowl in the wall that has a sandy ledge as bottom around 70' and then slopes down to the Abyss. The roof has a few big stands of Black Coral, lots of holes and crevices and therefore is home to lobsters as well as West Indian Spider Crabs and Channel Clinging crabs, After divers exit the amphitheatre, bubbles from their regulators seep through cracks and holes in the roof looking like champagne bubbles or a hot spring coming out of the ground. Both directions on the wall is breath taking and tube sponges, vase sponges, barrel sponges and Black coral are common on this site.

Fish Life/Sightings: Nassau Groupers hang out in the bottom of the Amphitheatre as if they are waiting for a show, a large school of horse eyed jacks swim around inside in Circles, large crabs and Black Coral Trees hang on to the roof, Caribbean Spiny Lobsters hide in holes and crevices, Yellow headed Jaw fish and Sand Tile Fish, are everywhere in the shallows. Turtles, Sharks and Rays are also seen here quite frequently.

Overall Site Rating: 9.5.

Black Coral Forest

Location: North Of Amphitheatre.

Minimum depth: 40'.

Edge of the wall depth: 45-60'.

Skill Level: Intermediate thru Advanced.

Highlight: Large brain Coral and sheer Wall. This overhanging wall is pretty amazing and usually has a pretty big school of snappers just under the boat, there are lots of holes and crevices in this wall providing great hiding places for nocturnal animals during the day, lots of Deep Sea Gorgonians, sponges of all types and lots of Black Coral.

Fish Life/Sightings: Sharks, Rays, Turtles, Moray Eels, Large Cubera Snapper, Horse Eyed Jacks, Large Groupers, Spotted Drums, Puffer Fish and hundreds of Silver sides and Creole Wrasse.

Dive Shop overall rating: 9.

Shark Hotel

Location: North of Black Coral Forest.

Minimum depth: 40'.

Edge of the wall depth: 45'.

Skill Level: intermediate thru Advanced.

Highlight: Nice wall, sheer in some spots and gradual slope in others. There is a hole that starts around 100' and comes out at 140'+. When divers first discovered this spot, there were a couple Nurse Sharks sleeping inside the hole, hence the name came into play.

Fish Life/Sightings: Yellow headed Jaw Fish, Green Moray Eels, Spotted Eels, Reef Sharks, Rays, schooling Snappers, Goat Fish, Mantas and Hammer head Sharks have been seen here as well.

Dive Shop overall rating: 7.

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